Mobirise Web Builder comes out of the box along with a vast pallete of predefind themes to get you the desired appearance in a glance


All premium themes and extensions included

it's not obligatory to purchase them. 
Since it's a suitable tool for both beginners and skilled developers,
it is one of top website builders,
and it still changes to have more features for a flexible development

PURITY M :  : $ FREE  

The PurityM theme carries a very special subtle and romantic mood combined with beautiful clean and balanced appearance. Totally responsive it can be generally used for any purpose but the real power of this Bootstrap 4 powered theme is in gaining your users sympathy and trust.

DIRECT M  :  $ 29.00

DirectM is full of bright new exciting design features and options. It offers almost total control over the inserted content combined with powerful new features to help you create like a pro. The perfect Business Landing Page Template for your next amazing project!

SPACE M   :  $ 19.00

SpaceM is a great Bootstrap HTML theme focused on your content and the best way presenting it clearly and utilizing space the best way possible. With its clean vision and lightning fast performance this Bootstrap 4 theme is great for a clear showcase of your ideas.

COLOR M  :  $ 19.00

ColorM is a powerful way to show your great content in a colorful and appealing way. With the multiple functions built in this bold and impressive Bootstrap 4 theme you can present practically anything and even build a small web store.

With the powerful Block Pack for Mobirise 3 you can add to your Bootstrap 4 web site expensive and professional look like it has been created from a web design agency. No coding skills required - just your imagination and great ideas. You can even create fully functional online store!



Paypal Shopping Cart : $29

It's a simple solution for those who want to include some eCommerce features to their sites. You can set "Buy Now" and "Add to Cart" links, and payments will be processed via Paypal.

Code Editor : $69

This extension allows to edit the code of blocks in the app or add a special empty block for custom code. It's a great feature for advanced developers, who know how to deal with code.

WOW Slider : $29

The slider extension from WOW Slider. If you want a more adjusted slider on your pages, you'll like this extension. 35 animation effects & 59 themes for your slides.

Icon Mobirise : $19

You'll be able to add icons to menu, buttons or use them instead of images. They look neat on all devices and screens. The extension contains 6600+ icons including 'IconsMind' and "Icon54" sets.